Dinitrophenol, the dangers of DNP

Dinitrophenol, we dedicate this article to one of the most dangerous substances used in bodybuilding as a fat burner: DNP.

It is a toxic product used as a dye present in insecticides, herbicides, explosives and fungicides among others, if burned emits toxic gases and is highly flammable.

The acronym DNP comes from its chemical name (2,4- dinitrophenol) and was initially used in the manufacture of ammunition due to its explosive properties until its properties were discovered to increase the basal metabolic rate, in the first decades of the twentieth century was used as a medicine for weight loss and in 1918 the first death associated with its consumption took place, until 1938 when its use was prohibited due to the risks it had. To give you an idea of its fat-burning capacity, with a dose of 2 mg for each kilo we weigh a day, we could lose between 10 and 20 kilos in 15 days. It is the most powerful burner that exists.

If we compare it with other thermogenic substances and fat burners such as caffeine or ephedrine, they increase metabolism by 3%, others such as clenbuterol by 5-10%, and with DNP have reached values of 40%.

Despite all this, it is still used today and not only in the world of bodybuilding, but also by people who desperately try to lose a lot of weight in a short time.

Dinitrophenol, what does it do in our body?

It is a molecule that inhibits the production of ATP (energy) in the mitochondria, allows the protons of oxidative phosphorylation to disengage from it and filter through the internal mitochondrial membrane, avoid the enzyme ATP-synthase and return to the mitochondrial matrix. All this makes the production of energy via ATP less efficient and part of that energy is lost in the form of heat by increasing the basal metabolism and burning internally.

This whole process entails some side effects that, depending on the dose we have consumed, can end up in death. While you are using it you must be very careful with the physical exercise that is done, as the body temperature increases and the person “emits” that heat to the outside. The main effects observed are:

  • High temperatures
    The temperature our body will reach will be proportional to the amount of DNP we have consumed, so a too high dose could burn us from the inside without being able to do anything to stop this increase in temperature.
  • Dehydration
    The increase in temperature suffered by the body can be very harmful if it does not have enough water or glucose level to regulate this increase. It is advisable to drink between 4 and 5 litres of water a day.
  • Excessive sweating
    The effect that is most noticeable by both the user and the people around him, sweating can be abundant even in winter at very low temperatures. There may be cases of yellow sweating. It is very important to bear in mind whether you are working in front of the public or in a position that requires a certain image. Also the urine will have a more intense color and even the semen and vaginal secretions can acquire this yellowish tonality.
  • Insomnia
  • Muscular depression
    Due to low levels of ATP.
  • Risk of cataract development.

Unlike other substances used as dopants, the ease with which DNP can lead to death is very large, since it does not require a very large excess over the dose “recommended” for the effects are so powerful that it begins to burn inside us.

There are many other ways to lose weight or achieve good muscle definition without having to resort to DNP.

Once this point has been reached and after seeing the serious consequences of consuming this product, we are NOT going to say that if in spite of everything you are still considering its use, consult a doctor, we directly say that you DO NOT USE DNP.

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