Synthol: what it is and the consequences of using it

When it comes to increasing our muscle mass, we can choose to follow different paths. Undoubtedly, the correct and always recommended is that which results from a good and intense training, accompanied by a diet and supplementation (protein, bcaa, glutamine …), and the latter always in its right and necessary measure.

Another way, not recommended at all, is to resort to the use of steroids and continue training hard, thanks to which you will obtain a considerable increase in muscle mass, but whose side effects, which often appear quite often, make them totally unadvisable.

But there is another option, and that is the use of Synthol.


What is Synthol?

Synthol is an injectable oil composed of triglycerides and benzene, conceived and developed in the 80’s by Chris Clark to improve the results in the bodies of professional bodybuilders when appearing in a contest or competition. Thanks to this product it was possible to obtain a perfect symmetry or to correct some deficiencies in certain muscles.

When it is injected into the muscle there is inflammation of the area because the human body is slow enough to undo it, so it is mixed with the muscle fibers of this area and the result is a very rapid increase in volume, so depending on the amount used, in a couple of days you can go from a thin body to look something similar to Hulk.


If it is not used in a constant way, and the injected quantity has been reasonable, the effects end up disappearing and a part of the oil remains inside the muscle. If this amount is small it should not cause any damage.

But the results obtained are simply those, an increase in muscle mass, so to speak, since the amount of muscle remains the same only that the oil is added, but in terms of strength there is no change, this will remain the same. Despite this, it is a product that is attractive to many people regular gym due to the ease it presents to achieve this increase.

It really is a dangerous product and often unsightly, abuse and bad taste by its users is capable of producing real aberrations such as a biceps the size of a head accompanied by a forearm slightly thicker than the leg of a table, or trapezes that almost come to join with the ears. In addition, in a large number of cases, this increase in volume lacks consistency leaving a flaccid mass. Actually, no matter how much you want to, you can’t find any benefit or advantage of using this product.

The continuous and abusive use of Synthol will lead, after some time, to the deformation of the muscles and can cause an opening or explosion of the skin, which can lead to a serious infection or amputation of the affected limbs.

Other serious problems that can arise are those resulting from this substance getting into the bloodstream, such as a heart attack or pulmonary embolism.


In many countries and through the internet you can acquire Synthol without any problem, it is not an illegal substance, but given the null benefits it provides and the many problems it presents it is impossible to recommend the use of this product. In the following videos you can see the unpleasant consequences of the use and abuse of Synthol


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